Welcome to Creative Styling Sewing Studio!

My site is all about sewing; basics to advanced. Enjoy the projects, pictures and postings while I invite you to enter your ideas on sewing. Join me in my studio, campus or on line to learn new sewing skills or ask questions about your projects.

Looking forward to sewing along with you



3 thoughts on “Home

  1. What a great idea, Jo-Anne! Nice to have a site of people we know to put in our comments about patterns, problems with sewing, etc. I have something to put out – what are the opinions of the new Vogue Patterns magazine? I find it so far out from what the sewing world is here and with very few patterns, – but then, I may just be showing my age!

    1. Hi, Susan, although I have not seen the new Vogue Patterns Magazine, I’d like to share my recent experience with sewing a simple vogue pattern for my adult daughter. Nothing difficult, straight lines, no darts on the bodice as it was shirred (elastic casing) at the waist.

      Since the fabric I was working on was a very expensive silk, I decided to make a muslin garmet first to ensure a good fit. Thank goodness this was done. What an awful fit (or should I say non-fit) this garment had. The sleeveless armhole had a huge gap where a dart should have been! I then had to create a dart on both the fabric and separately on the lining as the construction had all seams enclosed. It was not fun. Considering that the pattern cost over $20 I thought this was extremely disappointing.

      For what it is worth, this was my recent experience with a Vogue Pattern.

      Madelaine Cross

  2. Great input ladies
    I have heard the Vogue Pattern Magazine will be improving content shortly
    As for the patterns, I too have had a few questionable issues with fit
    A muslin is the safest way to go

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