Creative Project Gallery

Machine Embroidery
Machine Embroidery
Lined Leather Jacket
Lined Leather Jacket
Silk Tweed
Silk Tweed


Serger Stocking and Mug Mats
Serger Stocking and Mug Mats

katherine tilton top

Jackets from our Coverstitch Projectobj23geo18pg2p4  Jackets from our Coverstitch Project


Reverse Cover Stitch techniques

Workshop Classes

let the class begin

Cecelia Podolak  and Jo-Anne    Ready Set Sew !

Instructor:  JanBones

fall retreat with Jan Bones 003 fall retreat with Jan Bones 001   fall retreat with Jan Bones 011 Jan Bones Retreatfall retreat with Jan Bones 002 fall retreat with Jan Bones 006

Instructor Kathryn Brenne

class with Kathryn Brenne

Sewing Project Participants  

Smocking Workshop with Judith Marquis

sewing projects 016 sewing projects 009 (1)

Congratulations Betty and Marilyn  sewing projects 001 Jo-Anne, Jan Bones and Lorna

Jo-Anne Jan and Lorna

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