Sewing Studio

Sewing and Serging is such fun for me and now with a bright new studio area I get to play when I want in a space all my own. How great it would be if everyone had a separate space to leave their machine and sewing supplies at the ready, when the creative moments strike. I often think how time consuming it must be to have to set up your sewing station and then have to pack it away.

Three things I have learned from having many various sewing places (including a full two story building when I owned the shop) is that lighting, storage and the right equipment are very important factors in having an organized sewing area. For me. I find plastic boxes, filing drawers and cabinets help keep order to my supplies. Large bins for holding thread and machine accessories are also a good idea. In my case they hide all things that may look cluttered but also keep my dog from getting into places she shouldn’t be.

If you have any storage tips that work for you then lest share ideas in the net few blogs. Until then Happy Sewing !






Almost March

studio-4Feeling like Spring already and yet still lots of time before the garden awakes. I plan some Spring Sewing and will be happy to post my accomplishments.

Since I am presently teaching ‘Fitting Fashion’ Classes, I am working on my own dress fitting. Vogue 1182.Saphirre  Blue Silk and may add some Bling! Give me your thoughts .

Until I get back in the swing of Web Site posting I will add a bit of Designer Jacket inspiration! cardigan-jacket

Check back soon



Has it really been 8 months ? I am still here and still sewing!

Let me review the last 8 months for everyone. I love, love, loved the summer months in 2016. Got real lazy and sewed some home projects on the few rainy days we had. Deck sitting and soaking up the heat and sun were a priority. Remember that hot humid weather??? We could do with a little right now but looks like Family Day this Monday will mild and for February that is rare. Once Fall/16 came I took a short trip and then back home to my new Sewing Studio. I am posting a few pictures. Love the skylight plus windows  to make it so bright and cheery. As I have been using my Creative talents to enter a few items in contests and actually won an Honorary Mention from Sandra Betzina  ( Vogue Pattern Designer )for my jacket entry. Now a few classes are being taught at Sew Crafty in Rideau Ferry. Serging Sessions there will be once a month so check out

I promise to be posting more and if you are on Facebook please join my Creative Styling group to see weekly updates on my sewing adventures.