Seasonal Sewing

mauve jerseyHere is” a sample of my “Fabric Finds” on my last shopping trip. A wonderful place to go in North Oshawa is Joyce Hancock’s Custom Clothing and Custom Design Studio. Though her main business is custom clothing she is ready and willing to share her ‘choice’ fabrics with those who love to sew. ( reasonable pricing also) Above is a beautiful soft knit of modal and spandex plus a poly print to co-ordinate. The lucky thing for sewers is that she buys fabric to match patterns, prints, sheers and solids so they blend into a woman’s wardrobe. Colour Co-ordination is essential and don’t we love that!

coral printIf you remember my ‘hand sewn’ Jon Moore jacket design from a year ago, this gorgeous coral jacket, of which I am so proud, was a difficult colour to match up. I had sewn the ivory lined pants and was looking for a print to tie them together when ……I happened to stop into Whitby Fabrics. Now under new ownership, the wide variety of Fashion Fabric was hard to resist. The print above is Perfect and ‘new’.

For me the fact that fabrics are in fashion or trending in the latest fashion magazines is ‘key’. That is why I sew. To be right in style whenever I can along with classic pieces that last.

My time to sew lately is precious and I value the moments I get to spend with my machines.

Though it is fun having a stash, it is even more fun seeing new pieces that go with my stash. Just like winning the lottery. Well Almost as good! pink taupe knitsThis final picture is not the greatest colour shot, but the dark piece is taupe amidst pale pink in two knits that happened to match a pink poly I had made a blouse in recently. Gorgeous soft bamboo knit and ready to cut and sew.

Plans are for a skirt in taupe with open knit jacket and soft pink high neck T shirt. Maybe even a bit of machine embroidery for interest.

Keep me in the loop and sign on to follow plus share with your friends. Until next posting…

Sew long  😉



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