October sewing

fanciful fernsFall is my very favourite time of year. I love the colors of the Halloween pumpkins, crisp apples and variety of squash.  The fall landscape with Maple Trees and Sumacs as they change. The thought of putting the gardening utensils away and storing the outdoor furniture leaves me a bit sad, but then I think of all the indoor play time I will have. Sewing Plans have already begun. 😉

Today was a lovely luncheon with my Machine Embroidery group. I love the sharing of sewing stories and getting to know one another better. Best of all is when I learn something myself! The ‘ah ha !’ moment when you realize a new way to accomplish a simple task.

The Machine Embroidery group will meet the first Friday of each month with the next one on Nov 6. Serger Group will meet the second Friday of each month beginning October 9 at 9:30am. Both of these groups meet and share ideas.no structure and no fee.

Sewing sessions / Refresher classes Thursdays / Intermediates Wednesdays, with a few Saturday sessions also arranged have also begun. I love that people want to sew!

I will be posting updates weekly so click on the favorites button and share my newsletter with others.

Simply e mail me to book a session in sewing and in the meantime keep the creative ideas flowing.




One thought on “October sewing

  1. Looks good Jo-Anne… not sure if you meant to put those ads in there, but I didn’t t bother with them! As I said in my reply to your email…I am interested in the knit necklines! Thanks!

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