Canada Day

Proud to be a Canadian and love the fact we celebrate in July!

Lots of out door activities such as Pickle Ball. Anyone played it before?

I shall find out how at the Canada Day celebrations at our local Loonie Club. What a great spot for fun lawn bowling, tennis, curling, snooker and more, including Yoga which I take part in every Friday.

Speaking of the outdoor summer fun, I recently made new covers for some very retro outdoor chairs. outdoor coversoutdoor chair pad

The picture on the left does not show the damage but the foam core was deteriorating, the plastic cracked and if they got wet, rain soaked right into the base making them almost obsolete. Would it help if I told you that these chairs came from Ron’s grandparents circa 1950’s. I laughed one night when I saw them on ‘That 70’s TV show’. Same chairs and same covers! Well I had to keep them and when one of the swivel base broke the auto shop on the corner fixed it and said it was solid steel. They rock and turn and deserved a retro makeover. First I used clear plastic bags to cover the old cushions and then used outdoor ‘sunbrella’ fabric and Velcro to adhere the top to bottom at the crease with a pattern I constructed from originals.

What do you think?  Of course the arms need a cover as the old ones did rot away. Part of my upcycling for this month.

tshirt sayingA great friend gave me this T shirt and it says it all. The month of June this year had us visiting hospitals constantly. OMG what a couple of years can do to through you off track. Still back and forth with Ron, the outcome is good but my whole daily routine is not the same.

I am back teaching next week and will post a schedule soon. For now save those old tshirts for a new project.

Sewing in the rain !



4 thoughts on “Canada Day

  1. Great job, very cool . How is Ron feeling, up to oiling my antique machine yet ? Donna

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