March Thaw

Gorgeous day today as the icicles finally melted and the sun is shining with longer days ahead. Serging is happening in the Studio this Wednesday March 11 @ 10amBring a lunch and we can serge all day.. Some people have requested one on one lessons or bring a friend days. I have open days to schedule for anyone who wishes to have me coach their sewing projects.

Posting some pictures of the Free Standing Embroidery Butterflies, and my revamped Boiled wool coat completed.

revamped boiled wool coat free standing

And a final post of my Yoga/Gym accessories. My gym is right off my sewing studio ( no excuse right), where I try to work out 2 -3 times a week. The pillows and cushioned seat match the Yukon Sky BM painted walls making the perfect space for meditating.  Oooommmm…..yoga gym

see you soon



One thought on “March Thaw

  1. Glad to hear about a thaw. We’ve had good weather, not hot but pleasant to walk on beach wearing a light jacket. We’re preparing to leave this PM for our overnight journey home. I’ll text you in morning when we know more about ETA. See you soon. Stella

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