March Trends

Welcome March ,

Inching our way to warmer weather in Canada!

Or is that centimetres ?

Machine Embroidery group was such fun we will do it again Friday March 27 along with a pot luck lunch. Sewers are so Social and sharing. Talk revolved around design downloads and various software programs. We all do such different things and everyone has their own way of storing and cataloguing designs for Machine Embroidery. It is a nice sense of accomplishment to share and learn from others who have the same love of sewing. Please know that anyone is welcome to join in.


According to the Fashion Experts – Black Velvet is making a comeback as a wardrobe mainstay and I just happen to have a small piece. I am thinking about appliqué design or embroidered velvet. Sleeveless coats (alias ; long vests ) are showing up on several fashion famous movie people. Worn over big sweaters and tight jeans, I personally like this look as a good transition into Spring.

As we look forward to Spring, I am back sewing up Tailored shirts and dresses this March.

Serger Social takes place next Wednesday March 11  10am . Bring ideas and we can share our show and tell items.


I see the sun…… and beginning to feel the warm breezes

Jo-Anne.    jc@creativestyling.com


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