Keep warm

Well here we are almost into March. Does that sound like Spring is near. Not by the icicles hanging outside my sunroom window …..

icicles Not a drop has melted even in the sunshine for over one week. Brrrr..

How about a nice bowl of home made soup ( recipe below )? and then my sewing journal this past week. Last but not least is the list of sewing groups this month. Serging was fun and held again Wednesday March 11 10am.

Coats are a love of mine and I presently have 3 on the go. One is a double cloth started many months ago. Actually it may be over a year since the project began. The second is recent and is a quick and easy one that I just needed lining for. Flannel backed ‘Kasha’ lining is great or you could add a flannel interlining me then satin lining. Chamois across the back to kidney line helps add warmth where needed. Third is the boiled wool recycled project.
As aways I seem to enjoy quick and easy and then add to my simple project a degree of difficultly. The challenge intrigues me and my fascination for being able to borrow ideas from past sewing adds to the fun. Bringing out new and interesting applications in sewing techniques helps me learn.
I always say ‘ you will never learn anything if you do everything right ‘.
Add to that input from my sewing buddies and ideas flow. Sometimes I remain too conservative but love to work ‘outside the box’ as they say.

This a sample of the embroidery I did on my Boiled wool recycled coat. ( picture on left )I say recycled because I made it in 1990 something and could not bear to part with the fabric. So I took it all apart and decided to give it a sleeker cut and use embroidery on the front to add some pizazz. The boiled wool trim that used to adore the raw edges made way for a new finish. Watch for pictures later this weekend.

boiled wool coatnew woolThe photo on right is the wool embellished third project of today. A ‘Simple’ style and decided after much thought that it was a coat for layering as in ‘two coats are better than one ‘so shall pop it on over a fleece jacket in ivory and eliminate the flannel lining. Then getting the job done before Spring sewing begins was high on the list.

You do realize I gave promises at Christmas to sew up all the gifts that I lost time to complete before the 25th.
Pressure is on now.

Ok..back to sewing and pictures to post

Carrot Onion Soup. ( use alone or as a base to add leftover chicken or more vegetables)

Roast 5 cleaned and cut carrots in the oven at 450 degrees along with one cut up onion and a clove of garlic plus a few of your favorite spices like oregano or basil mixed with 2 tbsp. oil. Roast  for 25 to 30 min. Add to soup pot on the stove with a box of chicken broth and salt or pepper to taste. Simmer 45 min. Easy Peasy and tasty too.   Enjoy !

only 30 days until Spring

Jo-Anne   jc@creativestyling.com

Leather sewing meets tomorrow Friday February 20 at 9:30 am

Machine Embroidery meets Friday Feb 27 at 9:30am  ( sheer free standing designs )


Winter Fun

Hi there

Getting snowed under with the weather lately?

Well gab some freshly fallen snow and bake up some delicious muffins snow muffins

Made these scrumptious dozen this morning and all you need is 1 1/2 cups fresh snow along with the recipe above. Just click on the image and the ingredients will be there. Mix the dry ingredients first, then add melted butter and milk. Mix all and then add the snow and stir until blended. Looks so nice all white and fluffy in the bowl. I added blueberries or try a 1/2 cup of raisins or currants for colour  Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes

Now back to sewing



February Sewing

Hello to everyone who loves to SEW!

Welcome to my Studio on line as I post my Sewing Projects and keep you up on our Sewing Socials …

SERGER GROUP     Wednesday February 11  10am  (bring a lunch)

LEATHER WORKSHOP    Friday February 20    10am

Machine Embroidery    Friday February 27   10am

Lots of sewing chatter, sharing of ideas and hands on sewing.

Contact me if you plan on attending

Jo-Anne     Creative Styling        jc@creativestyling.com