working with leather

This weekend begins my leather sewing on a jacket in a soft subtle mauve leather.

The pictures are of my past sewing ventures using this exquisite material.

Embroidered brown lambskin and red suede tote with studs and button trim. brown lambskin bagred suede tote

I love them both and have plans for a new one but sewing on leather ( no industrial machine for me ) requires some new tools and skills. Soft lambskin or pigskin ( less expensive ) can be easy and fun on a domestic machine too. Past sewing had me using conventional sewing methods but with the help of Brenda and Betty who have sewn more with leather than I have, taught me to use the leather techniques that work so well at creating less bulk and sleeker seaming. Leather was accessed at Libra Leather in New York and Perfect Leather in Toronto.

Will keep you up to date on the progress!

As for the Serging Sessions this week…we had some fun discussing many serger  possibilities, such as 3 thread decorative seam edging and fabric insertions as shown in the pictures. Never forget the various ways in which serger finishes can be used for exterior embellishments.

seam bindingseam binding 2

binding seam allowance to encase the raw edgeseaming 3seaming 4

frayed insert of organza using decorative finish and outside seaming

Always enjoy the good news that snow is on the way as sewing is on the way too!

Let it Snow !



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