Christmas Sewing


The end of the year has us giving gifts to enjoy now and perhaps throughout the coming year.

Here are a few of my favorite things


I simply have to bake those Button cookies .  I am guiding you to a great site from Telio Fabrics . The source of Fabulous Fashion Fabrics. So search for Telio  TEXTURES and have fun viewing posts with  ideas for the sewer, crafter or decorator in you.

I will also give a plug to The Renegade Seamstress who posts detailed projects to enjoy year round.

Both are sites, as mine is; through WordPress, and works more like a blog. We love to give you inspiration and spread the love of sewing, so enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate and start surfing the web. please leave a comment and let us know what you are up to.
This Yoga bag was sewn in an afternoon and makes a wonderful present. PEACE/ STRENGTH / HARMONY

This bag measures 30 x 20 inches and has one long zipper to open. It holds my mat, 2 blocks, blanket, socks, balls and strap plus keys and change,

I took a pattern from friend’s bag,
made alterations to it like an inside zipper and then my neighbour and I sewed one each in about 4 hours. I choose to embroider mine. This will be the first embroidery project in our new Monthly Embroidery group starting January 23 2015.

Want to join in any of our groups ? Just send me an email and I will add you to the list.    jc@creativestyling.com

Thinking about the cold weather and how to keep warm, you should know the fabrics that work for those undergarments.

  1. Cotton – Light weight and easy care but when damp or wet it remains cold and clammy and not quick to dry
  2. Synthetics – Man made fibers are OK, but can remain smelly when you perspire and are not quick to dry
  3. Silk – Very light weight and wicks moisture away from skin better than cotton. Probably best for socks gloves etc.
  4. Merino Wool – The best for warm and cool weather. It wicks moisture away from skin keeping you comfortable and not cold or too hot. It does not hold odors and yet sometimes a bit pricey .

I found Merino sweaters in Costco for a very reasonable price and teamed with a Down filled vest, silk long undies and thermal mitts you are set for cold outdoor weather. Of course the very warmest of clothing including hats is ‘Fur’ .Why else do you think foxes, wolves and mink play in the winter months with such joy?

But you make your judgement on the that.

quilted vest
Water proof boots and mine came with built in ice picks that reverse to solid treads by Romika


I am so excited for this Christmas to arrive. My son and daughter will both be here and turkey will be served with the usual tradition of reading the Night Before Christmas. There will card games, book sharing and puzzles to play with plus lots of Laughter and hugs.

I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and may all your dreams come true.

I hope everyone is happy healthy and peaceful as we enter a new year.

Love to you my best friends ever !


Creative Styling


December Count down

My Sewing Studio needs elves today. So many ideas are flowing for gifts and party wear.

Today is serger day !

I was attracted to the most interesting border print knit which had a wide and narrow border along each edge of the 60″ wide fabric. To use the design to its advantage required much thought and planning. I decided on V 8786 and although I did not sew up a muslin first it all came together perfectly.

What do you think?border print backback

border print frontFront and sleeves cut crosswise to use the large design to its advantage.

The large design falls at my waist and could be belted if necessary. The pattern has no darts but a front and back yoke. Though 3 separate panels created the front and back , I pinned the pieces together so I could cut it as one and not interfere with the amazing design of the fabric.

I have been using stretch mesh with great success for neckline binding and often on sleeve and hem. Cut strips of 1 or 1 1/2 inches wide and fold in half, baste to neckline and serge to finish. Topstitch if you think it will lay flatter. This depends on your knit. border print necklineborder mesh

Have fun!

and please join in my Serger Sessions in the Studio every second Wednesday of the month beginning January 14.

A New Project each month plus hands on guidance to help you along.