September is Birthday Month..

leather bagLeather Tote is Done !!!

In a few days I turn 65! It really is time to reflect on life.
Some how I was not happy turning 30 or 40 and not so sure about 50, but since 60, I am very happy to say that I have a life worth celebrating. Happy childhood memories, wonderful family life, health and love surround me. A passion that keeps me blissful and full of joy, especially that I am able to share and teach what I love.

A much needed trip is beginning tomorrow as we visit family and good friends along with birthday cake too I hope!

When I return my goal is to organize my posts and send more descriptive info about sewing skills to share my ideas.
I hope you will respond as well and let me know what you would like to see.
September 20th I start to teach again at Sew Crafty in Rideau Ferry and am excited about the new embroidery classes Sue is running there.
Of course my love of serging continues and yet the tailoring and fine sewing techniques will be my focus as I host workshops in my studio this October.
Keep following my blog to find out more

Yesterday was spent fine tuning a jean pattern as I have lost some weight. All new muslins right !
So exciting when things work out. When they do I like to sew up 2 or 3 while it is in my mind.
2 pair black stretch denim jeans and one pair faux leather were accomplished. Remember that a little more ease is essential when using a non stretch fabric.
Pictures below are of the Leather Tote V8761  ( finally )and small clutch designed by my friend Don Morin and posted in Sew Simple magazine. Don has his own blog ‘bag n telle.com” if you care to view it. Lots of expert advice on leather.
The shirt is the ‘Metropolitan Deneuve Tuxedo Shirt’ from Hot Patterns. I decided the bib was quite a large area so and needed tucks or embroidery. I added the bias strips after to highlight the bib and next time would embellish prior to construction. I love the HP designs but deciding on the right fit for me is still under investigation and construction is very different.  Unlike the Sewing Workshop patterns but adapting them has been fun. Also made a Burda top from knit and sheer using the roadmap lines in their magazine, but the inexpensive  fabric I picked up was terrible so it became a proto type for future use.

It is hard to find great fabric !

Sew lots and enjoy the journey


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wristletHot Patterns Tuxedo Shirt