August News letter

Blouse Back T ShirtWell as I ponder my sewing projects left for summer, it already feels like Fall outside.
Taking a mini vacation with girlfriends next week by the lake, so perhaps Mother Nature will shine favorably on us.
Mid August … talk about Global Warming! After our true Canadian winter and now this wet cool summer, it is hard to believe!

My treatments are over and Kudos to all at the Cancer Centre in Kingston. An amazing group of medical professionals. How fortunate we are to live in Canada with a terrific health system. I feel a little tired but back to my new normal as it were.

Now onto my passion of sewing…….

The leather bag is awaiting complimentary feet before completion. Two more T shirts ( probably long sleeved now ) are being cut and ready to serge. Shall resist the urge put away all summer projects as I just shopped the local dress store and the summer markdowns are so simple to construct and easy to serge also. Made a few notes and now some adaptations on new patterns.
I found a wonderful site called HOT PATTERNs. US based but the designs are different, current, made for many sizes and unique to say the least.
You can download some and I did order 4 others on line including of which I have two completed.
The ‘ La Strata Top ‘ and the ‘Blouse back T Shirt’. ( pictured above) The instructions are well done and pattern assembly is simple for most sewers. Cute comments from the designers add to the fun of construction.
They have a facebook following and tutorials to show some of the more complex steps.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Mentoring a student who wishes to work in Costume Design so off I go for the second session.

Sew Crafty is running a few more fashion sewing classes and seger classes so will keep you posted.


pillowsPillows and leather tote !