May Flowers

Hi to all my favourite sewers!
Just finished a 5 day workshop with Jon Moore of London England at the Academy of Fine Sewing and Design in North Bay. Here is my jacket just awaiting the pockets to be completed.couture jacket
Jon is a couturier who sews for many well to do clients and his skill of hand sewing left me breathless.
So happy to get back to the work I love. Far more detail and all sewn by hand with the exception of four seams by machine.
Now I am excited to use these new sewing techniques.
Join me for May and June to sew some of your more technical or detailed work. No schedule just call and book a time slot.

Looking forward to seeing my friend Judith Marquis this week as she heads to Ottawa for the
” Stitching Symphony”
Thursday May 15 6:30 – 9pm at the Woodroofe Campus of Algonquin College
Arranged by the Embroidery Guild of Ottawa

Enjoy your long weekend sewing or getting out with nature