Happy Easter

As the Easter Bunny arrives soon, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter Weekend!
While awaiting his arrival we have been busy in the studio sewing a variety of projects!
Susan wanted to sew a quilt from all of her daughter’s T Shirt’s and her nephew Matt wanted to sew up a memory quilt from is father’s old golf shirt’s … Challenge ? Yes but see the fabulous results!
matt's quiltTshirt quilt
Each quilt was sewn using some innovative and unconventional methods. I love that kind of sewing. One needs to get creative and figure the best way through trial and error of how to sew ‘knits to woven’s’.
Susan has since added a conventional border in black cotton and the finished quilt will be a treasure to use and pass on.
What fun it was!
The 6 week serging course was completed at Sew Crafty and if you wish to see any other sewing workshop held there please contact Sue. http://www.sewcrafty.ca
In the meantime I am still available in May for any number of ‘creative sewing classes’ you wish help in.
I am back focussing on loose fitting pants and jeans for summer.
Finished the most beautiful shirt using the “Perfect Shirt” pattern by Cutting Line Designs
Realized that double sided fusible web is a great asset along with the edge joiner foot for small details.
I am also an advocate of the Clover Tailor’s Awl used as a laying tool for a lot of my sewing now.
As I clear stock I have “Clover” Tailor’s Awl, Buttonhole Cutter and glue stick on sale for $5 each ( half price)
Enjoy the outdoors when you can and keep in touch


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