Heirloom work

The Tailored Shirt workshops begin Wednesday March 12 10am
Still room if you are ready to begin the Classic White Shirt for Spring.

I have been playing with Heirloom and completed the Sewing Workshop “Chopin Blouse”.
This design has over panels in the front and back so I decided it would be perfect for some heirloom work.
Actually as the high collar and wide cuffs looked so elegant I knew some decorative machine stitches and embroidery would also set it off nicely.
See what you think!
The Fabric is a 100% linen and the laces were 100% cotton

I included a picture of the sweetest T shirt sewn in cotton knit -pattern V # 1306
3 views on the envelope so I began with the lace edged sleeves but thought the fabric a bit heavy for the delicate lace so settled in on View B

Sew for Spring !
It is just about here
jc@creativestyling.com heirloom shirtfrontheirloom sleeveknit top V 1306