February News

The days are just now becoming bearable to walk outdoors and the ground hog tells us there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
Well the optimist in me says we have endured thus far, so now that the days are longer I am thinking Spring!
Today happens to be bright and sunny and all will be warm soon plus I still have time to sew for Spring/Summer
Including some recent pictures of my Sewing Workshop Pattern ” San Diego Jacket” in a selfie!

San Diego here I come !
San Diego here I come !
Faux Fur throw and pillows
Faux Fur throw and pillows

Due to the snow we did not get together much for the embroidery sessions but the designer jackets are coming along well. Great article by the way at “Emma One Sock” site by Kathryn Brenne with some tips on her ” French Jacket” you might want to check out.
Sewed up the faux fur throw and pillows with Rhinestone buttons just for fun! Makes a great addition for my living room don’t you think?

This month will begin the SERGING SKILLS classes at SEW CRAFTY so join in this 6 week session every Friday
In Studio I will be working with 2 to 3 students as we complete some Tailored Shirts.
Chado Ralph Rucci V 1054 is my next project ready to go in Silk. The details are exquisite as I add my own touches to create a Spring emsemble. The lined pants in this pattern are quite complex and different from your normal Jean pattern. Looking forward to the challenge.
Tell me what you are up to lately


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