New Year Sewing Plan

Vogue 7907
Vogue 7907
As with the start of every new year, I begin a new calendar and think of all sorts of new designs to sew.
I hope you enjoyed following me in 2013 and continue as 2014 begins.
Thank you for all your support and love of sewing, 🙂
May the new year bring you exciting inspirations along with creative moments to enjoy.
My wish for you…

Follow me in January as I offer sewing sessions in Machine Embroidery and Designer Jackets continued.
Some of my new fringed jackets are pictured here…

Vogue 8759
Vogue 8759

Happy New Year


Counting the days til Christmas

Machine EmbroideryI certainly have enjoyed using machine embroidery to add the personal touches to my Christmas gifts.
Every time I sew an item, whether it is hand made or a blank to be embroidered on, I learn something new.
Stabilizers, needles, thread and positioning are the key factors to having your embroidered projects picture perfect .
When thread breaks in the middle of your design, it is a sign that the needle could be dull or the wrong size for the thickness of fabric and stabilizer it is penetrating. Thread breakage could also be the cause of wrong stabilizer for the density of the design. Perhaps the design itself has not been digitized correctly which happens on occasion with some new designs that have not been properly tested.
The more machine embroidery we do, the more we learn.
With the wide choice of stabilizers on the market, one needs to have a few stocked and ready for the variety of fabrics in their “shop”.
I call it a “shop” because we all have a stash of fabrics much like a fabric shop, so we need to have a variety of supplies to work with. Our own little fabric shop!
Several on line sources will guide you through the right stabilizer and needles for your projects , but understanding how your thread ( polyester, rayon, cotton etc. ) along with the correct needle size and type react together, are lessons to be learned. The right stabilizer is also necessary and depending on the fabric weight, may require one or more layers or even one or more types, such as tear away and wash away.
So for the Month of January I will be holding workshops on Machine Embroidery in my home studio.
I invite you to book a time slot that fits you and then we can really start to play with our embroidery machines.
Just leave a comment or e mail me at jc@creativestyling.com


Christmas Cheer

So happy to announce my NEW Serging Classes at
“SEW CRAFTY” in Rideau Ferry this week.
Thursday December 12 is the Serger Stocking and Friday December 13 is serging Mug Mats and Hot Pads with a Chocolate and Marshmallow theme!

Serger Stocking and Mug Mats
Serger Stocking and Mug Mats

Get cozy with your serger and learn how to make customized ribbon and bows for your gifts.

The dress pictured is comfortable and easy to wear. Thought this year I would go without the typical red and green or festive bling and keep it a year round simple style.

Green Crepe Dress  Vogue 1640
Green Crepe Dress
Vogue 1640

My Christmas sewing tips:
As the count down is on, I am sure you are all sewing the last minute items on your list.
To make your Christmas fun and avoid the stress that often accompanies it, here are my Christmas sewing tips:
1. Put on the Christmas music as you sew away. Music is good for the soul!
2. Arrange the projects in order of importance. Seems Birthdays and other special occasions overlap at Christmas for me, so one day between Boxing day and New Year’s Eve I set aside a therapeutic sewing day for ‘me’
3. Enjoy some Christmas cake and cocoa while sewing and let the mood get festive.
4. Add some Machine Embroidery to ready to wear garments like socks or scarves. I like to purchase items that are ‘blanks’ and personalize them with a monogram or design.
5. Remember what doesn’t get done before the big day will be perfect for beginning next year’s Christmas list.

Happy Holidays
Creative Styling