Almost Christmas

Well the fact I have not been posting for 3 weeks now is due to the chaos of life in general. Entertained two groups of old friends back to back and that means sleep overs of course. Always fun however. The day in between visitors I came  down with the worst flu of my life. Yes I had a flu shot coincidentally 2 days prior. I know what they say but….

Then we headed for North Bay to stay with relatives and relax and recoup. Once home the adopted dog I was wanting arrived on our door step… need I say more ! 15 months old and trained but stressed to the limit with environment changes and has taken up all of my time lately.

Now as Christmas approaches and sewing projects are way behind I will attempt to make lists and prioritize the errands.

Posted this week are the pictures of my latest creation a lovely ‘mystic fusion’ print dress Vogue  # 7506. I mixed the two prints of paisley and floral for interest and rather like the results. I included some gift giving ideas also.

The month of December I will be hosting sewing sessions for quick gift ideas such as the Christmas aprons, reversible place mats and Christmas Stockings. These projects include tips on machine embroidery, off setting designs and Serging ribbon plus serger lace. If you wish to participate then send me an email jc@creativestyling.com and I will be happy to set up a time to come sew together.

Feel free to send me pictures of your ideas for gift giving and I am happy to post them for others to see.

For now just breathe and relax as ‘what gets done will get done’ and if not on time, then consider it an addition in advance to your 2014 gift list.

Happy sewing this week and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Jo-Anne / Creative Styling Vogue #7506Ladies Retro ApronChristmas ApronsChristmas serger stockingsreversible placemats


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