Autumn Leaves

Fall is settling in and my sewing ideas turn to thoughts of Home Décor.

The Thanksgiving table setting is complete. the sweetest ‘Pumpkins and Spice’ print was used.  I then backed the fabric with a similar color cotton and serged the edges with wooly nylon threads.

Designer Trick****** – hold both fabrics together with temporary spray and make sure both are cut on grain. Lay one fabric with lengthwise grain backed by the other piece on the crosswise to prevent stretching. Use the rolled edge and wooly nylon in the upper and lower loopers. Serge one long edge, turn and serge into the first rolled edge working from raw edge into rolled edge as you turn your fabric to cover all edges.

I love using decorative threads in both loopers as it covesr both sides of the fabric to give a nice finish. Trim threads and fray check the ends

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

fall sewing


Still openings in my Tailored shirt classes this month

Classes are held in my Chaffey’s Locks Studio

Contact me at jc@creativestyling.com for more information



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