Creative Styling Sewing Studio Dec 2012

The year had been so busy I  lost track of my blog!
I am busy in my home studio teaching since selling the shop in March this year.
Miss all of you but my home studio is now open.
Each Wednesday and Friday with private sessions arranged by request.
Bring a lunch and learn a new sewing skill or let me coach you as we work on projects together.
What fun sewing is and my classes at St. Lawrence  College in Kingston plus Algonquin College campus in Perth have been exceptional finding many new sewers in the area.
Love that so many want to sew!

Each week I will do my best to showcase my work and the work of those sewing with me.

Baby Lock machines are still available and still used in the studio workshops.

Sew……..stay tuned


Sewing for the Holidays

Each year I tell myself that I will start my new outfit for the holiday season about August
I search the new pattern books and fashion magazines to come up with the perfect dress, jacket and relaxed ensemble for entertaining and headed to the festive parties.
Then life takes over and plans get set aside as does the fabric selections and then here it is
December and no new fashion statements ready to wear

This season I set goals and list of dates and time frames

Helps to set a challenge for yourself or with sewing friends