Leather Purse, Blue Jeans, TZ Art Wearables


Leather Purse, Blue Jeans, TZ Art Wearables
All of these items are part of the upcoming workshops at Creative Styling
call 1888 273 4465 today and register
Well today I am quilting and for those who know me it is not my favorite sport! I would rather be fashion sewing ! But I did complete 4 pair of jeans and 2 pants for Spring. I am finishing the American Beauty Quilt which is amazing in Pinks and Black. The latest shipment of what we are calling the Canadian Beauty is Yellow and Blues so you must come and see. Kits will be available on request. I am also completing the Silk Quilt made from my Daughter’s Wedding Gown and Machine Embroidered to make a gorgeous Heirloom and memory. Excited about Spring. I vow to walk more, eat better and sew every day Want to join me ? Happy Easter !