Islander Sewing Methods

Today is the last day in February. Too icy to walk and too damp to enjoy the winter day.
Now in my sewing room I am planning a full day of sewing the UFO’s
Also beginning the Islander men’s shirt pattern. I am very excited with the methods of sewing learned so far. I started to practice the without pins method on some projects yesterday. The idea of sewing with less pins and aligning all the edges at top and bottom worked well for a simple quilt block I completed. No creeping of fabric as you finish a seam.

” Islander Methods Workshop” March 11 & 12 Sign up now 


Family Day

As it is now Family Day and we celebrate family, I am glad to have an amazing one!
I love them and they love each other. Together we are one big mutual admiration society.
Now with extended family and future extended family it just gets better.
Enjoy your family today and friends as well who might as well be Family !


Sewng Tips

Hi Everyone
The snow is still here and if you are staying in sewing, try serging a Quilt
Setting your serger to a 1/4″ width using a 3 thread set up and adjusting the width dial with practice will allow you to serge a 1/4″ seam
Record your settings and off you go
I took some leftover flannel from the PJ bottoms I sewed for Christmas gifts and rotary cut
5″ squares. Serged rows and Viola! A small lap quilt top in no time

Let me know how you are doing


Snow storm of the season

As I sit inside on the snow storm of the season I am secretly planning my Spring Wardrobe
My alter ego is in the picture, yes that is not really me but the look will be.
Minis, sheer blouses and the impact of a fun colour never worn before.
Step out with me and enjoy the sewing adventure we will take